Funding is no longer enough to attract founders of promising startups. Offering hands-on support to your portfolio companies is what will set you apart from the competition. We’re here to help you set up from scratch or transform into an Operational VC by providing you with the essential tools, mentorship, and guidance.
Sustain entrepreneurship and expand innovation from within your technology hub by enabling researchers and founders to quickly deploy new ventures into profitable businesses. Our custom solutions and operational support will help both you and your investments build the next generation of innovative companies.
Engage in venture-building activities and strengthen the startup community, even in locations where entrepreneurship is still at an early stage. Whether your project requires assistance with operational management, business consultation, or training for the core management team, Vesquad will be by your side.


Part of a larger network that spans industries and continents.




Deep understanding of technology and highly trained experts.




Human-centered approach focused on resolving your pain points.
Providing operational/hands-on support can actually turn you into a helpful investor. Competition among investors for potential investee companies has significantly increased in the past few years, and money, network, and knowledge are no longer enough. Founders want access to a larger team that helps with many aspects of startup growth – from product to recruitment, marketing to business development. This is the core of an Operational VC or innovation center.
With 20+ years of experience in venture building, our team can help you set up a robust framework so that you can support your investments in a scalable way. We’ll not only support your core team to cover the critical needs of your organization but we’ll also enable your organization to provide hands-on support to all portfolio ventures. We provide support on an ongoing basis and in a structured way through an integrated approach, based on knowledge sharing, customization, and consultation so that every penny creates real value to the team and the knowledge stays within the venture.
We help venture builders regardless of the stage they’re in to adopt an operational approach. While you focus on your vision, mission, and goals, we add an operational layer on top of your current structure, no matter how developed it is. Whether you’re just starting or you already have a number of investments, we’ll help you plan your strategy framework and the direction you wish to follow, and set up an operational venture support model that will accelerate the growth and success of your investments. Book now a consultation with one of our experts to discuss your needs and goals.
We focus on startups that are on these three stages: idea, growth, and scale. At the idea stage, we can help with developing a solution, finding the relevant skills, and validating the appropriate market. At the growth stage, we can help with product development, team building, and securing financing. For ventures that are ready to scale, we can help with establishing their position, with their company culture, and with ensuring the maximum ROI. We can support you in three main areas, team, products, and business, but our ecosystem consists of experts in more than 15 different business areas

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